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A a new complete range of motorcycle forks and shocks

The Marzocchi Motor has developed a new product line of forks and shocks. In particular, the research and developement department focused effort on new shock absorber product line to pair with the front suspension line. The new rear shock line offers 3 models:

Shock inline 46/46

  • The new 46/16 Marzocchi inline rear shock is a shock absorber designed for road purpose: 46mm tube diameter and 16mm rod diameter. Rebound adjust. Optional hydraulic spring preload.

Shock piggy-back 46/16

  • A new shock absorber equipped with a piggy-back system allows very fine rebound and compression damping adjustments, as well as manual or hydraulic spring preload adjustment. The shock is also equipped with a high performance sealing system to help guarantee very low friction and better overall oil flow.

Shock piggy-back semiactive 46/16

  • The monotube shock absorber with 46mm piston manages vehicle stability under every driving condition without rider intervention. The electronic valve working parallel to the piston is controlled by the ECU which acts on the impulses received from sensors mounted on the motorcycle. These sensors recognize the ground conditions and allow the damper to respond with the appropriate level of hydraulic damping within milliseconds. For the rider this means optimal comfort, pleasure and security.

Innovation and performance

The continuous improvement let us develope in past year an innovative rear shock: a top notch light absorber with an angular or linear potentiometer that got an important award during the Hannover Messe. The shock absorber was developed with carbon fiber parts in the piggy-back, main body in magnesium and titanium spring.

Thanks to this important knowledge, we use this skills to develop a brand new rear shock line for road purpose to pair the front suspension line and offer to customers a complete set.

New 46mm tube diameter and 16mm rod diameter, low friction and high performance sealing, DU bushings with many spring preload options to choose: mechanic, hydraulic or electronic adjust.