Magnum and Shiver forks: a success

The new models of forks emerge in competitions

At the beginning of the 1990’s, a new fork model design, MAGNUM, was completed for the off-road motorbike. The MAGNUM was used by a lot of riders and which obtained a lot of victories in the World Championship of both Cross and Enduro categories. It was brought to success by Marcus Hansson on Honda (1994 500 cc. Cross World Champion) and by Giovanni Sala on KTM (1994 and 1995 250 Enduro World Champion).

Giovanni Sala - Magnum and Shiver Forks - Marzocchi Motor

Husqvarna on top with Shiver forks

1998 witnessed the birth of the SHIVER Upside-Down fork, which immediately won the 125 cc. Cross World Championship with Chicco Chiodi on Husqvarna, complimented in 1999, then in the Enduro World Championship by Erikkson on Husqvarna in 1998 and in 1999.

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