The historic Marzocchi brand has its image renewed

From this year on the website and social networks a restyled and more dynamic way of communicating

A brand known to all motorcycle enthusiasts and which has made the history of motorcycling on the tracks and roads too! Marzocchi, leader in the design and manufacturing of motorcycles front forks and rear shock absorbers, has recently renewed its image and its way of communicating, aligning with the brand philosophy: dedicating all energy to innovation and experimentation aiming to new performances.

2020 was an opportunity for Marzocchi to present itself in a new, more captivating guise, which reflects the dynamism of this constantly evolving market.
The restyle defined a new graphic layout, while maintaining continuity with the past of the Marzocchi brand, involving first of all the brand identity, and then involving the digital assets: website and social networks (FB, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google MB).

Marzocchi Motor

For Marzocchi a red thread that unites past, present and future

How was it possible to relaunch and align with trends the image of a historic brand known to the general public like that of Marzocchi, without losing its identity and recognizability?

The logo, the famous white and red “M”, has been the subject of a conservative restyle operation, with the improvement of the symmetry and dynamism of the structural diagonals. Add the choice of a font characterized by aggressive lines that take up the idea of speed and performance. Finally, the definition of pantone red is one of the main elements of this restoration work, aimed precisely at maintaining a link with the history of the brand.

The result of these operations can be immediately guessed by visiting the new website, conceived and designed in a fluid form, so that it can be used easily from any device: a mix of dynamism of images, products, news from the world of motorcycling and insights into revisiting historical stages and moments that made Marzocchi great, since the very beginning up today.

Featured video to convey emotions and information

An important role is played by the videos, starting from the same company profile video that transfers into images the set of all the emotions experienced by the motorcyclist: different types of climate, landscape, model to represent the different navigation performances that the branded components Marzocchi offer. A journey that retraces the thrill of traveling on a motorbike!

The section reserved to products combines the traditional technical data sheets with 360 ° videos that allow to see the components from all perspectives, in a fruition that emulates reality.

Social networks have also rediscovered public involvement and a variety of increasingly direct and immediate communication tones, exploiting many new formats: from images to articles, from sharing news to the creation of dynamic and informative content.

“From the very first moment of the acquisition of Marzocchi we have staked everything on this historic brand precisely because we had the perception that it could take us far away”, explains Florenzo Vanzetto, owner of the VRM SPA group that took over Marzocchi in 2015.

“Our vision of renewal, innovation and constant research has not been applied only to production processes but also to new partnerships and above all to the image of the brand itself: a new web site, new social networks and a new way of communicating that have given relevance to a brand that has made the history of two wheels components”, concludes Vanzetto.