Marzocchi, a history made of success

The first step was a winning partnership with Ducati

Marzocchi was funded in late 1949 by Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi. Their first step, the IDROFLEX, star of the 23rd Motorcycle Show in Milan. A revolutionary, lightweight motorcycle manufactured by the Cavalieri Ducati Brothers, with 105 cc and the first in history Marzocchi hydraulic integral suspension.

Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi worked on the project and design of this futuristic motorcycle, featuring a two stroke horizontal engine, front and rear suspension with internal spring, and hydraulic damping unit.

The Idroflex: the modern motorcycle with integral hydraulic suspension

A turning point for motorbike suspensions

The profit from the project’s sale, allowed Marzocchi brothers to set up a Mechanical Precision Workshop in the basement of their home. The two brothers started a new project of a telescopic hydraulic front suspension and a hydraulic rear suspension.

The Era of the motorcycle suspensions began

Marzocchi history - Idroflex- Marzocchi Motor

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