View of the CEO, Florenzo Vanzetto, interviewed by Due Ruote

Marzocchi Motor new positioning as innovation leader

Florenzo Vanzetto, VRM SPA CEO and Marzocchi Motor brand owner, recently interviewed by Due Ruote, the leading motorcycle magazine in Italy, had no doubt: Marzocchi is a love mark, and its recent revival operated by VRM is a winning shot.
Marzocchi Motor has not just filled the gap with the past, but has been guided to become the pole positioned brand among the top quality cushioning systems manufacturers.

cushioning systems - Florenzo Vanzetto - Marzocchi Motor

Motorcyclists, reports Vanzetto in the interview, recognize the brand value and its positioning, though the aftermarket is not anymore the company business, now totally devoted to manufacturing cushioning systems as B2B player.

Marzocchi focuses on human resources and new technologies

The current positioning is reflecting a strong will to innovate: Vanzetto enters in details, reporting in the interview a clear path to integrate Marzocchi Motor within a global player positioning. High talented human resources, quick access to the latest technologies and a precise plan of investments in vertical – horizontal integrations are the levers mixed by Vanzetto and his technical team.

A brand recognized on the global market

The Marzocchi Motor turnaround of these last years encountered global market appreciation: new production plants are now on track, prestigious brands are creating deeper relationships, and other players from all over the world are appreciating the Marzocchi eye on the future.

In the interview, Vanzetto reports his vision on the medium term and the advantages of independence on one hand, along with integrated manufacturing and projecting with partners on the other. Within this continuously evolving balance approach, innovation and quality can both be given for granted.

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