Marzocchi Motor returns in Italy

The company taken over by the VRM SPA Group

After a period of American ownership, from December 2015 Marzocchi Motor returned to Italy, as part of the VRM SPA Group. In 2008, in fact, the Marzocchi Motor Group was acquired by the US company Tenneco, except for the gear pumps production.

After a few years of crisis, in July 2015 Tenneco decided to close the Bologna production plants. Subsequently, the split of the two markets took place (motorcycles and bicycles) and the one intended for motorcycle suspensions was precisely taken over by VRM SPA which kept production and employees in Bologna. VRM SPA Group is already active in similar market segments too, and constantly investing in engine components innovation technologies.

Marzocchi Motor is ready for a new challenge with the same passion for 2-wheels suspension systems: evolving balance is the new mission!

A future that aims at innovation and quality

The new owner is also engaging in quality, innovation, research and development projects to keep company competitive and avant-garde on national and international markets.