Marzocchi Motor focuses on mountain-bikes

The 90s mark the beginning of a new market: suspension for bicycles

In the late 1980’s, a new market segment emerged. At the 1989 Motorcycle Trade Show, American Mountain-Bikes were presented and a promising future for a huge market was announced. Marzocchi Motor immediately understood the interesting possibilities for this new field, and as with the different motorcycle types, began the development of a suspension for bicycles.

The STAR FORK was designed in 1989: mass production began in 1990. The first production fork, STAR FORK, was followed by the various XC models, which in 1996 were replaced by the BOMBER models- new in materials, function and design.

Downhill, the first World Cup arrives

The constant improving of these models led to many accomplishments, among which was the Downhill World Cup won by Corrado Hérin on the 1997 MONSTER T, a downhill fork with 40 mm. diameter aluminum stanchion tubes.

Corrado Hérin - mountain-bikes - Marzocchi Motor

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