The motorcycle manufacturers are ready!

Motorcycle suppliers start again their production

The motorcycle manufacturers are pressing on the accelerator and are looking forward to starting again after the stop imposed by Covid. This is demonstrated by the growing number of requests that have been arriving from the end of May to companies that manufacture parts for the automotive market.

In this regard, Motorrad, one of the best-known German magazines in the motorcyle world, interviewed Marcello Gambetta, Sales and Marketing director of the Italian company VRM SPA who in 2016 took over Marzocchi Motor.

Marzocchi Motor, suppliers for the top brands

“We receive tons of requests from producers every day” says Gambetta “Everyone wants to know when production will resume at full capacity”.
Perhaps not all motorcycle enthusiasts know where Zola Predosa is located, a suburb of Bologna, headquarters of VRM SPA – the Motorrad article continues – Yet the group’s support is essential for many European manufacturers because it supplies elementary components.

For example, VRM SPA supplies 90 percent of the metal components for Ducati models, including the cylinder heads. In addition, Marzocchi Motor, the most famous within the group’s brands, is equally important for the production of motorcycles: it builds 70,000 Telelevers per year for the BMW R 1250 GS and RT and semi-active chassis for the 5 1000 RR and S 1000 XR, as well as forks and struts for other models. VRM SPA – Marzocchi Motor also produces frames for customers such as Ducati, Triumph, Energica, Benelli and MV Agusta.

Italian suppliers for motorcycle brands

Although motorcycle production is resuming in many countries after the blockade, without a functioning supply chain, there may soon be a shortage of supplies, both in the motorcycle and in the automotive industry. China has started up its plants, but not all important components come from the Far East.

In fact, Europe also plays an important role in the supply chain and in particular Italy, which suffered a serious arrest due to the lockdown, plays a central role: among Italian companies over 2,000 are highly specialized suppliers for the European motorcycle and automotive industry.

VRM SPA and Marzocchi Motor, whose reproductive activity has already started since the end of April, like many other Italian companies in the Motor Valley are now ready to get back on track!