Soaring sales in the motorcycle market

The motorcycle market closed positively in August with + 41.2%

The motorcycle market closes positively also in the month of August, proving to be one of the main driving forces of the Italian economy in this post-lockdown period.
“The two wheels are confirmed as one of the symbols of the post-lockdown restart: driven by passion, by a new desire for freedom and by the concrete answers they offer to a new question of usable, fast, spaced out and more sustainable mobility, the market is still catching up and giving confidence to the entire supply chain”. This is what the president of ANCMA (National Cycle Association Motorcycle and Accessories), Paolo Magri, comments, observing the sales figures for August, which even mark a + 41.2% on the same month of 2019.

Motorcycle market - post covid 2020 - Marzocchi Motor

This surge is certainly attributable to the new regulations and incentives put in place in the post-Covid era, but especially to the desire of Italians to restart respecting all the constraints put in place by the distance that also affects the means of transport.

Getting to the heart of the data of the month, the total number of vehicles registered (vehicles with engine capacity more than 50cc) totals 16,673 vehicles sold, with a significant increase compared to the same period of 2019, equal to + 42.44%. Very similar the trend of scooters and motorcycles, with the first ones recording a growth of 42.87%, equivalent to 10,031 vehicles, and the seconds that show an increase in sales of 41.80%, equal to 6,642 units. Also in the month of August mopeds are in the territory positive, with 1,526 vehicles sold, corresponding to a growth of 28.99%; overall the total market in August, with a performance of 41.21%, equivalent to 18,199 vehicles placed on the market. Among the best-selling models is the BMW R1250 GS (2,164 new registrations), followed at a very short distance by Benelli TRK 502 (2,604).

In the post lockdown the sale of motorcycles is confirmed as the leading sector

“Italy – concludes Magri – is the first country for production in Europe and the Italian one is the most important market in the world: ours is a leading sector, made up of internationally recognized excellence, which today asks to be supported in a subsidiary and strategic way, with measures supporting  investments development, innovation and internationalization“.

On this line also Marzocchi Motor, brand of the VRM SPA Group, has increased its production also in the summer months to meet the demand of national and international markets, confirming its commitment to research and development of new technologies.

Motorcycle market - post covid - Marzocchi Motor