Today winter begins, here are the tips for a correct storage motorcycle

Cold and freezing temperatures: winter has begun and the rules for proper motorcycle maintenance should be followed

December 21st, today the winter season officially begins and the time has come for the storage motorcycle, for those who have not already done so! With the arrival of freezing temperatures, for most of the centaurs it is time to put their vehicle to rest while waiting for the season. But what are the rules to follow for a proper storage motorcycle?

There are not too many precautions, but they allow for faster maintenance to get the bike back on track

  • GARAGE: ideal for a storage motorcycle is a closed place with little humidity and a good ventilation. Grease the cables and joints well, as well as the chain to avoid finding it rusty;
  • TIRES: the tires suffer from humidity and contact with the ground so it is essential to lift them from the ground using two stands or wooden planks in order to keep the tire intact and performing. Better to have constant and regular control: pressure should be monitored weekly;
  • BATTERY: do not forget the battery: the advice is to either disconnect it or leave it in charge with a good battery maintainer by setting it to winter mode;
  • PETROL AND LIQUIDS: before storing the motorcycle for the winter, remember to fill the entire tank with fresh fuel to prevent condensation from forming. Don’t forget to check the oil level;
  • BRAKES: someone puts pressure on the braking system during the winter hibernation: better to avoid. Put sheets of paper between discs and pads, so that the latter do not stick together during the hibernation period;
  • BIKE WASH: before putting the bike to rest it is necessary to wash it carefully and dry it patiently, after which the next step is to cover it with a cloth in order to avoid accumulation of dust and other dirt.

By following the rules, ready to get back on track

By following all the steps correctly you can have an ideal storage motorcycle to spend the winter months at rest. Now all that remains is to wait again for the good season to make the engines roar again and get back on track for new adventures.

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